How can you give away free stuff?
Many brands want you to sample their products. The philosophy is: If they love our products, they may buy them! So they want to give you samples to try for free! Companies love to give out freebies to people – people like you – you know what you like and what you don’t. If you like the free sample, chances are, you’ll become a valued customer! That way everybody wins! Get your free stuff – register or login today!

When will I get my free brand name product?
You should receive your free sample of a name brand product that you have chosen from our free samples product list in the mail with the address you provided. You will be notified that your sample is on the way. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery of your freebie

How many free items can I get?
You can get as many free items from our free samples list as you want. There is no limit to how many freebies you can request, so go ahead – Login or register and get all the freebies you want. The free stuff never ends!

How often do you have new free brand-name products?
Our list of free brand-name products are changing all the time. For up to date freebies, check our free sample page frequently for new free stuff. Login now to see what’s new.

How can I fill out a survey and give my feedback and opinion about products?
When you login to freefly’s, you’ll see our featured surveys. Not only do you get to give your opinion, you can also GET PAID for it. You may even be rewarded with prizes! Login or register to see our featured surveys!

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